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Atlanta Area BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Repair and Service

Markert Motor Works boasts tremendous flexibility when it comes to all things BMW. All needs are catered to here, whether it be basic maintenance or custom work/fabrication and all things in between. The following is but a few of the services we can provide:

  Diagnostic Service "Service Engine Soon" or "Check Engine"

  European vehicles have a unique, rather complex computer system, it needs special factory diagnostic tools and scanners that many independent shops don't have. Markert Motor Works have ALL of the factory diagnostic tools and scanners to properly diagnose your European vehicle. These tools give Markert Motor Works the capability to read your codes, accurately diagnose the problem and efficiently repair your Vehicle. Markert Motor Works has invested in these tools because we truly care about our customers and their car care experience.

  Inspection Service

  Regular service routine includes Inspection I and Inspection II services. These Inspections are to be done every 20,000 miles or every oil change. These services/inspections include all items such as fluids, belts, and filter along with an in-depth inspection that varies by year and model. Markert Motor Works' technicians are highly trained and have extensive experience in your vehicle maintenance and service needs.

Please click the link below for an example of our NEW digital inspection report:


Digital Inspection Report Link 



Other services include:

  • General Drivability and Running Diagnostics
  • Interior Overhauls including Dash and Carpet Swaps
  • Differential Swaps
  • Lightweight Flywheel Installation
  • OBD1/2 Diagnostics
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Vanos Seal Replacement
  • Short Shifter Installation
  • Oil Cooler Installation
  • Head Gasket Replacement
  • Cylinder Head Overhaul/Rebuilds
  • Aftermarket Tune or Chip Installation
  • Aftermarket Suspension Installation
  • Interior Overhauls
  • Turbo Builds
  • Supercharger Builds

Custom services include:

  • Engine swaps on a number of different vehicles
  • Automatic to manual transmission conversions
  • 5 Lug Conversions
  • M50 Manifold Swaps
  • E30 to E36/Z3 Steering Rack Swaps
  • Custom Wiring Projects
  • Custom Differential Rebuilds
  • Custom Exhaust Systems

Please send us a message with any service or project related questions you may have!