• The Specialist

    Friday 06 October 2017

    In today’s age of modern car technology it is extremely more and more important to become a specialist towards certain brands. More and more frequently vehicles are having issues with new technology from the complex computer and electrical systems to continually evolving mechanical systems.  From oil leaks to electrical gremlins it is becoming even more apparent that brand experience and expertise is what it takes to repair or diagnose a vehicle in a timely, efficient, and cost effect... read more

  • The Modern Automotive Soldier

    Monday 02 October 2017blog post

    Modern European cars are extremely well engineered in today’s age and can endure through tons of abuse and driving over the years. One thing that they require more than anything is consistent monitoring on their overall health. As you know, a small finger prick on a person can sometimes result in an infection and a common cold or flu resulting in death if not ever addressed. Your vehicle is no different. We here at MMW have seen more times than we care to mention vehicles come into the shop for... read more

  • The Auto Repair Stigma

    Thursday 28 September 2017blog post

    Numerous studies have been performed and the statistics overwhelmingly conclude the same thing, it is rare to find individuals who enjoy taking their car into the shop. This is caused by a number of things; overwhelmingly however, it is their past experiences. Numerous feelings of being taken advantage of, lack of communication, improperly done diagnostics, unneeded parts and labor being billed for that were not necessary, and more are the primary reasons. Another common complaint is the pressur... read more

  • F30 335i

    Friday 21 April 2017blog post

    A customer brought his 2015 BMW 335i in for some upgrades! We installed a  Burger Motorsport  N55 Performance intake with a JB4. Check out the before and after pictures below:    BMS F30 N55 Performance Intake: • Adds up to 10+ Horsepower • Dramatic sound improvement • Super fast install and removal • Improves throttle response  • Retains OEM airbox base as a heat shield • Retains OEM cold ai... read more

  • M4 Interior Upgrades

    Monday 19 December 2016blog post

    F82 M4 in for interior upgrades!   ​     A couple of pictures before Ray starts doing his thing         Interior parts:   Center console trim for gear selector- 51162358358   Parking brake handle with Alcantara boot-  34402358363   Armrest in Alcantara, front center- 51162405919   Check out our online store for these interior pieces!           ​​   ​​   ​​   ​​  ... read more