Atlanta BMW - Coding List

We offer coding for vehicles ranging from the E34/E36 chassis to the newer E6X/E9X and F-chassis cars.

What is coding?
Coding is the process of changing options within your vehicle's ECU to add/subtract/modify features for your vehicle. A lot of options are turned off from the factory in the U.S.A. market and many people enjoy the extra features that can be unlocked through our coding.

Is coding safe?
Coding is 100% safe and every option is reversible. It is does NOT void your vehicle's warranty because we use factory BMW software and to the dealer, it appears the options were loaded from the factory.

Vehicle Coding List: Your car may not have every option. Most options are available for E60 2004 5-series or newer.


  • High beams and Fog lights Together
  • Change Angel Eye Brightness
  • Add/Remove/Modify Daytime Running Lights
  • Modify Parking lights/AE setup
  • Add/Modify ‘Home/Welcome Lights’
  • BiXenon Highs w/o halogens
  • Remove any Bulb out errors for aftermarket lights
  • Double blink hazards
  • Change 1 Touch Turn Signal Function

Gauge Cluster

  • Digital Instantaneous MPG
  • Digital Accurate MPH Gauge
  • Remove Seatbelt Chimes
  • Remove Door/Key Chime
  • Remove Temp Warning
  • Show Light Sensor Menu in Cluster
  • Enable Economy Shift Suggestion in 6MT Cars
  • Change Fuel Reserve Threshold
  • Show Power Distribution on Xdrive Cars
  • Cluster Lighting Always Onss


  • Enable Bluetooth, Bluetooth SMS, Aux in, USB In
  • Disable Idrive Disclaimer
  • Disable Reverse Camera Disclaimer
  • Rain/Light sensor settings in Idrive
  • DRL option in Idrive
  • Remove iDrive Fasten Belt Warning
  • Default Screen Setting
  • Add menu for lock/unlock/alarm options
  • Add weatherband to radio
  • DVD in motion for CIC cars only
  • Add Lock/unlock options in idrive (CCC only)
  • Fuel Stop Suggestion (CIC Only)
  • Enable display of turn signals, entertainment details, phonebook details, and phone call information in head-up display (HUD)
  • Enable EfficientDynamics sport displays (to show engine power and torque)
  • Turn on EfficientDynamics shift indicator to maximize fuel economy (manual transmission only)

Vehicle Access/General

  • Windows keep going up/down when door open after key off
  • Autolock doors when moving
  • Auto Unlock When turning car off
  • Unlock doors when key is ejected
  • Easy Key out with shutdown
  • Windows/Sunroof/Mirrors/Convertible roof Up and down with key fob
  • Windows up and down with comfort access
  • Visual and audio lock/unlock acknowledge
  • Mirror Tilt in Reverse on/off
  • Auto-tailgate comfort open/close (if equipped)
  • Engine Stop/Start Memory
  • Wipers return down when car shutoff
  • Autoclose Sunroof with Rain Sensor
  • Turn off TPMS
  • Seatbelt Chimes Disabled
  • Door Gong Disabled

Airbag System:

  • Remove Airbags/Buckles for Racing Seats/Steering Wheels
  • ECU/Trans Computer/Other
  • Euro Trans/SMG Software Flash
  • Factory Euro or Updated ECU Flashes
  • Factory Equipment Retrofit’s (Upgraded Tails/Headlights, Aux In, Sat Radio, Etc)
  • Euro Traction Control for E9X M3s and E60 M5s E63/4 M6s
  • Engine Swap Coding/ECU Flashing

F-Chassis Specific Coding

  • Disable seat belt reminder
  • Disable seat belt status display
  • Display Sound on disconnect SB
  • Disable initial seatbelt warning
  • Door unlock when engine stopped (start/stop button)
  • Show individual tire pressures and temps in TPMS display
  • Mirrors/Windows/Moonroof through Key fob
  • Mirrors/Windows/Moonroof comfort access
  • Enable Button 4 (Panic Button)
  • Rolling windows up/down not interrupted by door access
  • Turn on left/right fogs when turning in that direction
  • Door handle LEDs light up when driving backwards
  • Interior light on time for locking and unlocking separately
  • Headlight washer options
  • Fogs with High Beams/Flashers
  • High beam/DRL brightness %
  • Trunk close options
  • Disable DVD Speedlock (safer offroad use only)
  • Disable disclaimers PDC/Sideview Cameras and Night vision camera
  • XDrive Menu for torque distribution
  • Enable video playback using OGG/XVID/XVCD codec
  • Enable Video storage on internal hard drive
  • iDrive option to make audible sound when locking/unlocking car with OEM alarm
  • Enable sport mode config in iDrive
  • Allow usb video playback
  • Display full text or email on display
  • A/C remember to stay off when powered off last time you turned off the car
  • Digital tachometer in BC
  • Turn Signals in HUD-2013 only
  • Enable entertainment list in HUD
  • Enable Incoming phone information in HUD
  • Enable Recent phone information in HUD - press phone button
  • Display voice command confirmation in HUD
  • Display M performance logo in cluster instead of BMW logo when starting car
  • PDC options
  • Daytime running light options
  • Max speed/distance to disable top/rear camera view

*Not all options available are listed. Your car may not have every option.

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