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Here at Markert Motor Works, we offer a number of services for all generations and models of BMW's and Minis. 

We can handle anything you may need for your 

R50, R52, R53, R56, R57, F55, F56 Mini Cooper

E21, E30, E36, E46, E90, E91, E92, E93, F30, F31, F32, F80, F82  3 Series BMW

E28, E34, E39, E60, F10, F11, F18, G30, G31, G35 5 Series BMW

E63, E64, F06, F12, F13 6 Series BMW

E32, E38, E65, E66, F01, F02, G01, G02 7 Series BMW

We can also handle all your M Car Needs. 

Our maintenance services include:

Oil Services - Liqui Moly/Motul 8100 Engine Oil + Genuine Filters
A/C Services - Repair, Recharge, Diagnostics
Various Fluid Flushes - Brakes, Coolant, Power Steering, Transmission, Differentials
Brake Service - Brake Pads, Rotors, & Sensors, Calipers, Hard & Soft Lines
Ignition System Overhauls - Spark Plugs, Direct Ignition Coil Packs, Distributor Cap, Rotor, Wires
Automatic Transmission Services - Fluid/filter exchange, Mechatronics seal/sleeve repairs, torque convertors, 3 year/36,000 mile rebuilt OE transmissions
Manual Transmission - Overhaul / Comprehensive Clutch Replacements
Cooling System Overhauls - Radiators, Expansion Tanks, Water Pumps, Thermostats, Hoses, Misc Coolant Pipes, Heater Cores, Sensors, Seals, Gaskets & O-rings
Various Engine Gaskets Replacement - Valve Cover Gaskets, Oil Filter Housing Gaskets, Oil Pan Gaskets, Rear Main Seal, Misc O-rings/sensor seals
Engine and Transmission Mounts
- Overhauls (Front and Rear) - Bushings and Balljoint Replacements -- Control Arm Bushings, Control Arms, Tie-rod Assemblies, Steering Boxes, Sway Bar Components, Trailing Arm Bushings, Subframe Bushings, Shock, Strut & Spring Overhauls, and more
Drive Belt / Accessory Belt Overhauls - Belts, Tensioners, Pullies
Power Steering System Overhauls - Lines, Reservoirs, Pumps, Racks
Fuel System - Diagnostics and Repair
ECU/DME - Repair and Replacement
Window Regulators and Motors
Subframe - Overhaul & Reinforcement
And More...