Breaking the Tradition

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Today’s automotive repair industry has had trouble changing with the rest of the world. The traditional auto repair model of a mechanic and a service advisor has come and gone long ago yet many repair facilities have yet to embrace the evolution of the market. We are here to break that tradition.

MMW is striving to evolve with the times and break this tradition. Offering customer service above and beyond as well as excellent value is of the utmost importance today. Additionally most clients don’t know or want to know much about the intricacies and mechanics behind the functionality of their vehicle. In the 70’s and 80’s it was important for a car owner to know nearly everything about their car because of their inherent unreliability.

Modern vehicles do not require this knowledge, and typically require mostly common maintenance. This leads back to the repair industry. Clients today need to establish an immense level of trust with their repair facility because they again don’t, or don’t want to know and fully understand their cars. We operate at a level of transparency and education to establish the trust necessary to put clients anxiety at ease.

Come by and experience the new tradition of excellence that MMW brings to the table.

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