Bridging the Final Gap with Loaner Vehicles

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MMW is now pleased to offer loaner vehicles when you choose us for you European Auto Repairs.

The independent repair facility is often compared to the almighty dealership. For years we have fought to provide better service at a better value compared to what the dealership has to offer. This is in addition to our exceptional customer service and customer relationship experience you will struggle to find at a high-volume transition-based dealership.

One BIG thing the dealerships were still able to offer over us until this point was their loaner vehicles while your car is getting serviced. MMW has once again bridged the gap to close any and all comparisons to the dealership once and for all. We have all the same level of tooling, parts, diagnostic equipment, certified technicians, beautiful facility full of amenities, and now 100% free courtesy loaner vehicles.

Please inquire today on how we can build a lifelong relationship with you and your vehicle all the while being as convenient as possible because we all know how busy today’s world is and how difficult it is to be without transportation in metro Atlanta.

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