The Auto Repair Stigma

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Numerous studies have been performed and the statistics overwhelmingly conclude the same thing, it is rare to find individuals who enjoy taking their car into the shop. This is caused by a number of things; overwhelmingly however, it is their past experiences. Numerous feelings of being taken advantage of, lack of communication, improperly done diagnostics, unneeded parts and labor being billed for that were not necessary, and more are the primary reasons. Another common complaint is the pressure to approve repair or maintenance services without fully understanding what they are spending their hard earned money on and why they need things completed.

Automotive shops, more specifically independent non-dealership facilities, also have the common perception of being grungy, dirty, disorganized, and overall an unpleasant place to visit. Many have multiple broken cars in the parking lot in disarray, used/old parts lying around, messy floors, falling apart facility, etc.

Given these shortcomings for the industry, MMW is here to change that perception and experience. When your vehicle is brought in for any service, diagnostic, or oil change we complete a full vehicle inspection. This is completed digitally through a tablet system to allow us to fully explain and attach pictures to each part of the vehicle inspection. This is done, not to pressure you to purchase something, but because we believe in ensuring the customer is fully informed on everything going on with their vehicle from top to bottom. This allows you as the customer to make informed decisions on what should be repaired on your vehicle. Once our advisors meet with you to decide on what the best course of action is for your vehicle, you also know you can count on us to be there for you long term with our 5 year/ 50,000 mile warranty. We also invest heavily in our facility, keep spotless clean floors, and have environmentally friendly recycling and hazmat processes, and a beautiful welcoming customer waiting area.

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